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Welcome to Washingetonne

Welcome to the idyllic seaside hilltown of Bellinghamlet, home of the third most prestigius university in the land. It is here, far away from the bustling city or the harsh desert, where those who enjoy a quieter life come to study and grow wise. Or it’s the only place that accepted you. Either way, you’re here to learn. However, learning costs money; money most do not have. What is a yearning young student to do? For most, this means a part-time job: many choose to serve food or tend bar at local inns, while others still become janitors or apprentices to the Tech Smiths. There are a few, however, who choose a more dangerous route; these hapless fools become adventurers, questing to pay off their student loans and afford their rent. It is easy to spot a student Adventurer: unkempt hair, weapons constantly at their side, and a wild gaze. Normal students tend to avoid Adventurers, lest they catch a wayward curse or a befouling stench.

You are some of those Adventurers. You live together, on the outskirts of town, leasing a house from the only landlord that would take you: the angel of death itself. Death usually lets you keep to yourself, but your late rent payments have caused it to involve itself in your life. When raiding caves full of skeletons doesn’t bring in enough cash, Death will issue dangerous quests in lieu of charging rent for the month. These quests usually range from the epically life-threatening to the suspiciously mundane; a lot of the times they’re one then the other.

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Main Page

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