Death and Douchebags

Episode 1

All Shaken Down

From the desk of: Tyler the Ranger/Bard

“It appears that my roommates had quite the…productive day. From what they told me, they woke up hungover in the Shakethdown (a local tavern) after a party we put on for our landlord (the ”/characters/death" class=“wiki-content-link”>Angel of Death). I, having rehearsal, was unable to help them repay the owner for the damages caused the night before, which included killing rats in the cellar and retrieving an order from the Liquor Smith. They told me that they also met our friend Raez at a crime scene (something about a murderous rampage, I wasn’t really listening), and also seeing a strange looking Tiefling at the Liquor Smithy. It was around this time when I heard a commotion going on in Red Square on campus. I went to investigate, and was shocked to see floating swords attacking people of their own accord! The swords made short work of other so-called adventurers (like the Humanoids vs. Zombies club; I guess they should have stuck with the undead), but I came prepared with a trusty sword of my own. I immediately called up my roommates, who sped to the scene as fast as they could. Together we destroyed the assailing swords, and went home without so much as a “thank you” from the people we saved. Oh well.



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