Idaholme Survivors


-Klein: Human male, 60s. Former owner of the Ferryman’s Inn.
-Red Owl: Dragonborn male, 30s. Ranger Adventurer from Idaholme Dragonborn Tribe.
-Eyra: Half-Elf female, early 20s. Mysterious rogue.
-Anselm Half-Lucent: Male human, 20s. Former W**hite Paladin.


Survivors of the White God’s influence in Idaholme, these four escaped with the main characters aboard the Rocksalt, a small airship, and have traveled to Spokane. Wanting to help fight Creed (and having nowhere left to go), they have joined up with the Eastern Forces, aiding in an way they can.

-Klein was an airship captain in his younger years, but settled down to run an inn. Unfortunately those time have come to a forceful end, and he now pilots the Rocksalt for the Eastern Forces.

-Red Owl is the last known survivor of his Dragonborn Tribe. A man of honor and gentleness rarely seen in hunters, Red Owl has a deep empathy for all life.

-Not much is known about Erya, except that she’s a half-elf, she’s young, and she’s pretty cool. With a penchant for hoods and leather jerkins, its obvious that she’s a rogue, but other than that there isn’t much to go off of.

-Anselm Half-Lucent is one of the lucky ones. a former White Paladin, Anselm survived the White God’s influence, seeing the reality of the horror that He caused. This gave Anselm a mental breakdown, but with the aid of another paladin he has reembarked on the path of the Word, devoting his life to the Rap Gods of humanity.

Idaholme Survivors

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