Reed (Strongest)

The strongest of the Reeds.


Race: Reed
Sex: Reed
Age: Reed
Height: 2’4"
Hair color: none
Eye color: Black
Occupation: pitiful creature/dead thing


Denizens of the Shadowfell, Reeds are disgusting and pitiful bug-like creatures. Though they possess the power of speech, some scholars theorize that this is no more than a parlor trick, not unlike a parrot. Weak in body, mind, and will, Reeds have no natural predators because even their flesh is of no use.

This Reed touted themselves as the “strongest of the Reeds” which isn’t saying much at all. This Reed led the main characters through the Shadowfell to the “Pale Lady’s house,” but nearly got them killed multiple times.

This Reed met their end under the heel of a Spesse Mahrene, who barely even noticed it.

Reed (Strongest)

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