The Rocksalt

A small but scrappy little airship.


Vehicle Type: Air Schooner
Crew (skeleton): 5 (1 captain/pilot, 2 gunners, 2 midshipmen)
Crew (full compliment): 12 (1 captain/pilot, 8 gunners, 3 midshipmen)
Armament: 4 main deck cannons (2 on each side), 1 small ballista (starboard bow)
Owner: Idaholme Air Navy (formerly), SSO, main characters


The Rocksalt is a small airship schooner, formerly serviced by the Idaholme air navy. It’s a small ship with a small crew, used mainly for scouting and providing fire support for much larger vessels. The Rocksalt, like most small airships, is light enough to be built out of Windwood, which allows it to fly. Larger ships can be built out of Windwood as well, but they require a larger ballast (such as strong magic or a balloon) to keep them afloat.

The Rocksalt is currently serviced by the SSO, along with the main characters. Klein, one of the Idaholme Survivors, is its current pilot.

The Rocksalt

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